The Customer Journey through my Commissioned Paintings
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Commissioned Paintings might sound scary for some and challenging for others. In my case, commissioned painting was both. At the beginning when I got my first commissioned painting the whole process was scary and anxious to finish on time and have a perfect artwork that the client has selected. The scary part was the moment when the client sees the finishing product and you expect his/her reaction.

When I first started painting commission artwork, it was very time consuming and stressful to have the best result for the client. The effort and dedication that was going into the painting was tremendous as you wanted the best outcome from them. It was the trust of the client on the line about your work and you wanted to be perfect. I’m blessed to have had clients so far they are really impressed with my work. Their comments and feedback I receive on a continuous basis expressing their gratitude and joy for having the painting they have always wanted.

The last few years I have had the pleasure to take on quite a few commissioned projects were I enjoyed the process. I consider every commissioned artwork I paint for as family. It becomes one of me.

When a client asks my to create an artwork that he likes, either a person, landscape or a subject, I am welcomed in and get to hear a small story of their lives.  I create something for the client that is touching and memorable.

Being involved in commission paintings opened my eyes and challenged myself to do other things and try new techniques I would dare before.

Working on a commissioned painting you get to know your clients needs and wants better and you understand what they prefer and don’t. I find the journey of commissions really enjoying as we share ideas, whats best for the painting, we discuss what suits the house or the area the painting will be installed.

Whats more rewarded is when the clients sees their painting for the first time live. The first reaction of the client is my biggest reward. I’m really proud to have been able to create an artword they really want and the expression on their faces shows and proofs the… biggest joy is when I here…’Oh my God Chryso…this is exactly what I wanted’, ‘ Chryso this is amazing’….’I cant believe I finally have this painting in my house’, ‘Thank you Chryso for making my house beautiful’….i really love your work.

I try to capture what is most special about the subject that I am given the honor to paint.

In every commissioned painting, I try to make my journey, my clients journey and involve them in the process. The customer journey never stops, they are with the painting in every single step, the whole process until the installation.

Personal art is an incredible gift idea! I have painted and captured places people have gone that made lifetime impressions. I have painted ideas that were at the back of their heads for so long, paintings that marked a special occasion in their lives. Many times when I hand deliver the artwork, they are moved to tears. Getting that respect and honor from my customers give me the energy and the imagination to continue create. I’m lucky and honored to h=be able to captured the very essence of what they asked me to create.

I love creating and most importantly I love my ever growing family.

Thank you for your trust!