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A new form of art has been added to my list and it couldnt be more challenging. Cross Stitching, yeap that’s right. My first ever cross stitch artwork was finally finalized few days ago.

It was a project that i have started two years ago but due to my busy working schedule i never had the chance to do half of it. During the lock-down it was the perfect opportunity to get that needle in my hand again and finish it. I can’t complain for a newbie i have chosen a quiet big design for my experience, but i made it!

Have you ever tried Cross Stitching? If not, i have a few tips why you should give it a go..

First of all, its Relaxing! You dont think about anything else apart from cross stitch when you are doing it because the only thing you focus on is counting and stiching which is very relaxing and certainly reduces your stress levels.

It’s creative! You know how creative of a person i am and this is a great addition to my collections. You don’t have to stick to patterns when you get the hang of it, you can design anything you want.

It takes a while! There is nothing quick about cross stitch but that is a good thing. It took me a few days to get the hand of the needle but after that it was pretty easy. Of course it took me longer to finish it due to work.

It’s not expensive! There are different sizes of cross stitch where you can choose. Especially when you are a beginner better buy a kit with all the supplies. Don’t end up like me trying from the first time to make a huge artwork!!!!

Projects ca become gifts! You can create inexpensive, hand made gifts for friends and family. I always prefer hand made gifts over bought ones.

A great sense of accomplishment! When you finish a project it feels so good. I was so proud of myself when the horses have finished! My family was very impressed with it too.

Do you do any crafts like cross stitch when you have free time?