My name is Chryso.
Nice to meet You.

I’m a freelance artist with main focus in oil paintings. I have discovered my enthusiasm and love for arts at a young age, but i got the chance at a later stage in my life to focus on creating different styles of painting either with brush or spatulas for interior decorations few years back.

Looking at the blank canvas, my vision is to express myself, while at the same time to manage and personalize this experience for my audience. I feel like the object of creation is becoming a live performance through the transition, within the observers’ point of view.

I am not just delivering an image or an idea, but sharing my passion, my “love affair” with my work. I wish to create feelings, to travel between the gestural movement, the colours and figures if suggested. My work could really be considered figurative, representational or conceptual, although it holds these values within it. It is physical, intimate, vivid and honest.

If you are interested for a hand made original or reproduction paint  or  even for a print of my paintings get in touch with me to discuss!

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