Chryso Iasonos

Freelance Artist

I get asked a lot about how I got my start as an artist.

Well here is the truth…

I never went to art school, on the contrary I have studied Business. I have graduated  from the University of Cyprus in 2010 with a B.Sc. Economics and a few years later attained my Master in Business Administration from LSBU. Even though my studies and professional life has been focused in the field of Business, I have my other creative side of my personality which I will reveal through my artworks.

I have always loved to paint when I was a kid and throughout school. When finishing my university studies in 2010 that desire of painting came back that summer. The first years I was self-taught experimenting with different styles.

In 2014, I took some oil painting lessons and I became really committed. My main focus has always been realism art, and oils give me the ability to render realistically while adding the ability to incorporate Impressionism and Expressionism and Contemporary techniques. So far, I have dedicated my time in painting landscapes, figurative paintings and still life paintings. The majority of my paintings have an ethereal style, they have mysterious vibe and romantic tone, they focus on movement and they show intense emotions like sadness, loneliness, shyness. Regardless of the subject matter, my focus is on the quality of light, movement, color harmony and a feeling of beauty and joy.

There is a little piece of me in everything I do. Each of my creations is generated from a physical response to life, to a visual scene, a memory or idea. Often a personal longing or challenge that needs to be filled.

My vision is to bring more beauty and impact through my art. To illuminate, to connect, contribute and help others create their world. My mission is to offer oil painting arts created with joy and love to beautify the world you live in.

One of my favourite quotes is by Shepard Fairey, who explains that ‘Creating is about sharing ideas, sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people’. For me being able to work with other like-minded individuals is a dream come true, whether this means to collaborate with other artists or to share my art with people who care and are interested.

Contact Information
T : + 357 99941518


Artist’s Statement

In some ways I believe that our identity in life is determined by what and how we communicate with our world. Painting is one of those ways I use to reflect what is within me and also interact with and touch those around me. It is how we express our feelings, passion, love, fear, hope, humor. Indeed, my art contains all of these; some readily apparent, others intentionally hidden.

My process is a journey of exploration of color, light, texture. A sense of structure is important to me but I avoid strong divisions. When I paint, I have to think beyond the frame, using the image to suggest not define. The beauty of a painting is as much the texture and rhythm as it is the beauty of the sense itself – qualities I appreciate in other painters.


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